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Serving Our Customers

We strive to offer our customers the best personal financial options and excellent customer service, a sincere commitment to excellence. Although you have many financial institutions to choose from, DeMotte State Bank works hard to earn and keep your trust. We ensure that you have the best account options for you and your family. At DSB, we put our communities and families first, and we can’t wait to have an opportunity to show you the benefits of hometown banking!

Quick Links

Experience Happy Banking with DSB’s Quick Links!

Need to Order Checks? Login to your DSB Internet Banking account to do so. CLICK HERE

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Go Green! E-Statement Enrollment *NOTE* In order to access E-statements, you must be enrolled in internet banking.

  • Login to your account
  • Hover over “Correspondence” on the left menu
  • Click on “E-statement enrollment form”

New DSB Features

We are constantly striving towards banking innovation and better customer service. Our newest products and services are listed below, exclusively for DSB Customers. Visit your Online Banking Account or Local Branch for more information.

Looking for more information on some of these features? READ OUR FAQS

  • New Reward Accounts
  • Free Checking Withdrawal
  • External Transfers
  • Secondary Users
  • Free Mobile Deposit
  • Quickbooks/Quicken Services
  • Bill Pay


Know before you go! If you’re applying for a loan or applying for a job, we want it to be a seamless process. Please use the following resources to smoothly transition into your next life chapter!

DSB Employment Opportunities

Part-time  Teller – Rensselaer

We are looking for an energetic, fast learner, who enjoys working with people to join our team! Is that you? You must:

  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Banking experience is preferred
  • Basic Math Skills
  • Money handling experience is preferred
  • Ability to multitask
  • Capable of learning multiple software programs

Click here to complete an application and begin our interview process.


DSB Switch Kit
Follow these simple steps to a banking partnership with DeMotte State Bank!

  1. Open your new account(s) with DeMotte State Bank.
  2. Get organized with the help of our DSB Switch Kit.
  3. Move your Direct Deposits to your DSB Account.
  4. Move your Automatic Payments to your DSB Account.
  5. Close your account at your last financial institution.

DSB Community Requests

Is your organization looking for a donation for your cause or event? Please complete and submit the Donation/Sponsorship Request form and return it to your local DSB branch or email it to

Donation/Sponsorship Request Form

Would your non-profit organization like to advertise your event on one of our 9 outdoor marquees? Please complete and submit the following Message Request Form and return it to your local DSB branch or email it to

Message Request Form

The reasons you’ll love overdraft services

You made an honest mistake balancing your checkbook and now you’re short on funds.
• A deposit you expected is delayed.
• Unforeseen expenses drained your account balance.
• You may avoid the embarrassment of a returned check.
• Should you inadvertently overdraw your account, feel more secure knowing the bank may allow transactions to process.

Overdraft Protection is the perfect option for you if:
• You have multiple accounts with DSB.
• You carry a balance of $25.00+ in additional accounts.

At DSB we want you to trust us, when emergencies occur or even just an honest mistake! With Overdraft Protection, similar to a Sweep Account*, you can access your available funds as needed to cover an overdrawn checking account.

Annual fee of $25.00, transfer fee of $7.50 per transaction
*Sweep Account – a bank account that automatically transfers amounts that exceed, or fall short of, a certain level into a higher interest-earning investment option at the close of
each business day. Commonly, the excess cash is swept into money market funds.

Overdraft Privilege

1. Your account is in good standing.
2. You would like the option of your overdrawn purchases covered by DSB to be paid back later. *
3. If you overdraw your account, you will be capable of paying up to $800 (personal checking) to $1,500 (business checking) within 45 days. **

This is an exclusive service for customers in good standing with DSB. It allows you the freedom to not worry if you have an emergency
or lost track of your budget! Please see the Overdraft Privilege Policy for complete details.

*Standard non-sufficent funds fees apply (currently $35.00 per item returned)
**You are obligated to pay the full amount of the Overdraft Privilege within 45 days while maintaining a positive balance for at least 24 hours. The non-sufficient fund charges incurred are your responsibility as well.


OPT-IN for additional benefits of Overdraft Protection to have the reassurance that everyday ATM and debit card transactions will be covered. You may OPT-IN at any time by contacting a bank representative.

If you OPT-IN:
• Your debit card and ATM transactions will be treated just like a check and processed at DSB’s discretion.
• Transactions may still process if your account is overdrawn.

If you OPT-OUT:
• Your everyday Debit Card purchases and ATM transactions will be denied if you have insufficient funds.